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Peak Performance Products Inc. was founded by John Stoikos in 1998 with the initial intention of purchasing supplements at a more affordable price for himself and his friends. After gaining tremendous results using Dymatize Nutrition Products while competing internationally for Canada in the hammer throw, John realized the potential impact Dymatize Nutrition could have in the Canadian Supplement Industry.

While training for the 1998 Commonwealth Games, John introduced Dymatize Nutrition to gyms and health food stores across Toronto with great success. In less than a year Dymatize Nutrition was available at GNC stores nationwide, as well as several other key retailers across the country. Noticing there was a potential growth opportunity available, John put aside his athletic career and his teaching job to dedicate his efforts on building his company. Ten years later, through hard work, honest business ethics and a commitment to carrying only quality supplements, John has built one of Canada’s most respected distribution companies.

Being a former athlete and user of sports nutrition products contributed greatly to the foundation of the company’s ideals and guiding principles. Realizing that only quality supplements can positively enhance athletic performance, and strategically partnering with retailers who value quality over to cost to help grow the brand has given rise to our company slogan: “Premium Brands for Premium Retailers.”

In 2007, a decision was made to introduce a lifestyle division, Peak LifeStyle Products. Introducing brands like Himalaya Herbal HealthCare, Brain Pharma and Inbalance Nutrition has allowed Peak Performance Products to diversify its client base increasing our potential for future growth.

“No matter how big Peak Performance Products becomes, I will not compromise the company ideals and the reputation we have built for providing quality products and service for the sake of enhancing our bottom line. To operate my business in any other way would be a disservice to the company, my employees, the retailers we service and most importantly the consumers. This is my guarantee to you."


Dave has been involved in the Health and Fitness industry for 16 years. He started his career at a prominent magazine publication in 1996 and later went on to managing their retail store division. He also worked with a leader in the Fitness Club Industry for several years where he gained a wealth of management experience. Dave’s previous experience includes a variety of roles such as, purchasing, management and corporate retail development. In addition he managed numerous sales teams throughout his career. His drive to help people succeed, as well as his hands on approach, has allowed him to build strong relationships with his retail stores and earn the respect of his colleagues. Dave’s tremendous work ethic and years of experience make him a fundamental member of Peak Performance Products Inc. 

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