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New LiverCare Promo featuring Omar Cruz

Omar Cruz, Director of Education for Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, discusses the recent successful clinical trials performed on LiverCare, showing that participants taking LiverCare lost less nitrogen than the placebo group. The study concluded that LiverCare showed a protein building effect.


Our study was designed to test LiverCare’s impact on nitrogen excretion and thus protein creation. Nitrogen is required for the manufacturing of proteins.


When the body is losing or not making new proteins, nitrogen is converted into ammonia and urea so it can be eliminated in waste (fecal and urine). Knowing that nitrogen is the sole indicator for protein creation, 70 test subjects were recruited and their nitrogen waste was measured over 60 days with or without LiverCare. A reduction in the presence of nitrogen in waste would be an indicator of an increase in protein creation.


Waste was collected from the test-subjects on four random days. The LiverCare group was found to be utilizing nitrogen more than the placebo and even more than their own baseline measurements. Meaning, the LiverCare group was losing less nitrogen and making more proteins where the placebo group continued to waste nitrogen and lose protein.


The study concluded that study participants taking LiverCare were creating more protein than the placebo group, based on nitrogen excretion. This study demonstrates the benefits of healthy liver function on protein creation and the importance of supporting liver health to get the most from protein supplements.

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